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Dolibarr V 11.0.4 released

After the initial release of version 11.0.0 in january, lots of work has been done by the developers to remove bugs and improve the software in general. Thanks to the Dolibarr users who communicated these bugs, the software is getting more stable every time. Today version 11.0.4 has been released.

English Dolibarr ChangeLog

ChangeLog for 11.0.4 compared to 11.0.3
FIX: #13749
FIX: #7594
FIX: #7594 Expense report multi pagebreak
FIX: Access to undeclared static property: Contact::$table_element
FIX: actions on supplier proposal not saved (bad trigger name)
FIX: Add function “completeTabsHead” to “addreplace” type hook.
FIX: All forms must use newToken()
FIX: Another “Access to undeclared static property: Contact::$table_element” && “Societe::$table_element”
FIX: author search supplier proposal list
FIX: A variable was erased by a temporary variable
FIX: Avoid infinite loop when a fetch is inside a compute field.
FIX: Backto link
FIX: Bad position of total in column
FIX: bad value in currency into discount created from down payment
FIX: buyprice extrafield langfile and tooltip
FIX: Buyprice was updated only if min price for this qty had same qty
FIX: Can switch from double to price type for extrafields
FIX: Can use decimal value in virtual products
FIX: child categories only with good entity rights
FIX: cloning of emailing when no content selected
FIX: closing tags
FIX: Combo list of available users to filter on the list of leaves.
FIX: Compatibility with multicompany, bad numerotation of task.
FIX: consistency of price w/wo vat wrong when price entered with tax
FIX: default value of selectMasssAction broken
FIX: draftordered replenish virtual stock
FIX: Error update SQL into stock reception
FIX: expensereport status in generated pdf
FIX: extra date field incorrect check
FIX: Extrafields of type price must be ” and not ‘0’ if not defined
FIX: Foreign currency lost when splitting a discount
FIX: get remain to pay with rounding decimals
FIX: gzip and bzip2 must use option -f
FIX: IHM, unexpected quote
FIX: keep viewstatut for doli 3.5
FIX: Link missing into email of some notification
FIX: Look and feel v11
FIX: md stylesheet to be included by external modules like eldy
FIX: missing array option
FIX: missing default accountancy product buy code
FIX: missing fk_bank during export of suppliers invoices
FIX: missing member entity
FIX: missing selectedlines on supplier order but checkbox are displayed
FIX: Missing token and take into account max date when it can.
FIX: model export list must be sorted by label
FIX: Must escape shell
FIX: Must exclude logs and some dirs for compressed backup
FIX: ordered stock already in $stock
FIX: picture migration script from doli 9.0
FIX: print pictures on shipment docs
FIX: product get purchase prices
FIX: product purchase prices
FIX: Protection when database has a corrupted product id
FIX: remove unused var, $usercancreate can be change by Multicompany
FIX: replenish stock to buy
FIX: Sanitizing menu parameter
FIX: Send email from bulk action of list of thirdparties
FIX: setup of suggested payment mode on proposals and orders
FIX: Several pb in export of documents
FIX: Situation invoice take into account the credit notes.
FIX: some others modules (like subtotal) use other product_type than 0 or 1 AND must not be considered in this report
FIX: sort by default role makes no sense
FIX: sort on company on member list
FIX: TakePOS buying price
FIX: text version of html emailing (removed the body style)
FIX: The “test smtp connectivity” failed on page to setup mass emailing
FIX: Error logs an Orderline::delete error, but this is an Orderline::insert error
FIX: Translation of tooltips of extrafields
FIX: Use getNomURL instead of hard coded link. Fix limit.
FIX: Use of image into free text for PDF if DOL_DATA_DIR is outside of
FIX: viewstatut to search status
FIX: we must export company mail address on contact vcard only if contact email address is empty
FIX: when we filter a list on a view status, we want this filter to be on bookmark that we create
FIX: Wrong Sql on getListOfTowns api method
FIX: wrong user right’s name to top menu “commercial”
FIX: XSS Vulnerability