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Dolibarr V 11.0.2 released

Dolibarr ERP/CRM v 11.0.2

After the initial release in january, a lot of work has been done by the developers to remove bugs and improve the software in general. Thanks to the Dolibarr users who communicated these bugs, the software is getting more stable every time.

English Dolibarr ChangeLog

ChangeLog for 11.0.2 compared to 11.0.1
FIX: #10309
FIX: #13110
FIX: #13118
FIX: #13124
FIX: #13131
FIX: #13135
FIX: #13146 #13198
FIX: #13175
FIX: #13182
FIX: #13183
FIX: #13184
FIX: #13263
FIX: #13267
FIX: an external user can not approve
FIX: API Get list of documents for supplier_invoice
FIX: API to push an expense report
FIX: API upload/download doc for expensereport
FIX: Avoid to download the export if we just press enter to refresh form
FIX: Bad link to template invoices
FIX: Bad sort link in accounting report
FIX: Bad translation for productlot EatBy and SellBy
FIX: better method to check user rights AND usergroup rights !
FIX: CA by product list filter
FIX: Disable js if no javascript
FIX: duplicate class name into some log lines
FIX: etrafield with visibilty=5 were not in read only.
FIX: excess paid from situation invoices not counted when calculating remain to pay.
FIX: Force FEC export to txt format.
FIX: Free input for email no more visible.
FIX: Keep assigned users in session when loading projects and tasks
FIX: List of viewed projects too large in task widget.
FIX: Menu truncated. Add tooltip to have all content.
FIX: Missing field “billed” in export.
FIX: missing “statut” for getNomUrl() function
FIX: modFournisseur is required by modSupplierProposal
FIX: Multicompany compatibility
FIX: must be == and not =
FIX: option for topbar search and bookmarks
FIX: some responsive troubles
FIX: round MT in accountancy books
FIX: search with ‘0’
FIX: sort link
FIX: SQL Overload in default contact trigger.
FIX: SQl syntax error.
FIX: Submit of documents for supplier invoices.
FIX: timezone must be tzserver and not tzuser as on contract card
FIX: token in barcode tools page missing
FIX: Type of contact for event does not exists and not supported
FIX: Type of contact not saved when creating a contact
FIX: typo on ckeck method
FIX: undefined function measuringUnitString in product list
FIX: Usage of project not available in export.
FIX: wrong test
FIX: z-index for moretabsList with constant MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD
FIX: Use GETPOST instead of POST
FIX: HTML Injection
FIX: Visualization rights correction on last modified contacts box.
FIX: Vulnerability in module from modulebuilder.
FIX: Vulnerability reported by code16