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Bug-release version 10.0.5 released

Dolibarr partnership

Dolibarr ERP/CRM version 10.0.0 was released on june 30, 2019 and two months later the first bug-release was launched with a lot of improvements. After another bug-fix release on september 11, one on october 22, and one one on november 27, So it’s wise to install this update as soon as possible on your current installation. Now just before the end of the year, the last bug-release is available.


ChangeLog for 10.0.5 compared to 10.0.4
FIX: 10.0: add URL param “restore_last_search_values=1” to all backlinks pointing to lists
FIX: 10.0: do not display single-letter values (indicating duration unit without value) in product list
FIX: #12473
FIX: #12481 : fix ticket creation from thirdparty, mission $socid var
FIX: #12482
FIX: #12644
FIX: #12665 Mass invoice validation with stock management
FIX: #12688
FIX: #12745
FIX: add and modify category translate form with posted values on errors
FIX: add URL param “restore_last_search_values=1” to all backlinks that point to a list
FIX: CommandeFournisseurLigne update function must not be able to return other value than 1 if success
FIX: contact card state address selected after filling address
FIX: dol_string_nohtmltag when there is html with windows EOL “
FIX: filter language is an array
FIX: first col at wrong position in Export 2007 (new)
FIX: getrights() request
FIX: Invoice Situation integration into Margin
FIX: missing nl2br conversion
FIX: not fee in payout list
FIX: product_fourn_price_id was assigned too late for logPrice() function
FIX: Reduce number of request for list of products
FIX: set due date in object in create invoice
FIX: units traductions for selectUnits() function
FIX: when we need to bill several orders, order lines unit is not on bill lines
NEW: 9.0: allow users to use the mysqldump ‘–quick’ option

ChangeLog for 10.0.4 compared to 10.0.3
FIX: The pdf templates were using the large logo making PDF too large (and edition of proposal, order, invoice VERY slow)
FIX: #12258
FIX: #12356
FIX: #12372
FIX: #12385
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190053
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190067
FIX: Avoid fatal error when creating thumb from PDF
FIX: compatibility with Multicompany
FIX: display job of contact list
FIX: Extrafields missing in export of expense report
FIX: Hook getAccessForbiddenMessage was missing parameters
FIX: limit 20 prevent to see all products/services
FIX: Search on leave request ref
FIX: security check. A user can see holiday with link without permissions
FIX: Set unpaid of expense report
FIX: shipping extrafields line
FIX: the SELECT examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows #12305
FIX: triggers: directories read with opendir() never closed
FIX: we need to be able to recalculate tva only if invoice not in accountancy
FIX: wrong invoice id for fetchObjetctLinked

ChangeLog for 10.0.3 compared to 10.0.2
IMPORTANT : This version fixes a serious bug in saving the units of weight, size, surface and volume on product card.
The unit were not saved correctly in database making calculation on shipments wrong.
Update to this version must be done if you use them and have installed version 10.0.0, 10.0.1 or 10.0.2 and set some products after installing or upgrading to one of this version.
Once update is done you must then edit (manually) the product that has bad unit to set the correct unit to have features restored.

FIX: #11702
FIX: #11861 No consistent code to manage measuring units
FIX: #11942
FIX: #12026
FIX: #12040
FIX: #12041
FIX: #12054
FIX: #12083
FIX: #12088
FIX: CVE-2019-17578 CVE-2019-17577 CVE-2019-17576
FIX: Clean the + of categories on the product view only in POS module
FIX: access to public interface when origin email has an alias.
FIX: Alias name is not into the email recipient label.
FIX: allow standalone credit note even if no invoice
FIX: an admin can not access his own permissions after enabling advanced permissions
FIX: Attachement of linked files on ticket when sending a message
FIX: avoid non numeric warning
FIX: Bad currency var used in stripe for connect
FIX: Bad list of ticket on public interface for ticket emailcollector
FIX: Can’t modify vendor invoice if transfered into accountancy
FIX: change product type must be allowed if we activate hidden conf
FIX: colspan on VAT quadri report
FIX: Debug feature orderstoinvoice for suppliers
FIX: do not output return code on screen after a select of bank account
FIX: Edit of ticket module parameters erased others
FIX: empty cache when we want to load specific warehouses in select
FIX: escape email alias
FIX: expedition.class.php
FIX: Export of leave request show the number of open days
FIX: Filtering the HTTP Header “Accept-Language”.
FIX: Filter on project on ticket list
FIX: Filter “Open all” of ticket was ko.
FIX: Force downlaod of file with .noexe as octet-stream mime type
FIX: form not closed.
FIX: hidden conf to prevent from changing product_type
FIX: If product account not suggested during bind, it is not preselected
FIX: If we share invoice, we need to see discount created from a deposit on each entity
FIX: Import of product using units
FIX: label of thirdparty is wrong on open project list
FIX: Look and feel v10
FIX: missing begin()
FIX: missing “$this->id” in “fetch” function
FIX: navigation on ticket tab of projects
FIX: new invoice with generic thirdparty in takepos
FIX: Pb in units of shipments
FIX: regression with option to hide picto on top menu
FIX: selection of project i am contact of.
FIX: Send email from expense report card.
FIX: shipping card: missing user error messages when classifying closed or billed
FIX: SQL injection on qty
FIX: stripe payment when there is a quote into address
FIX: Substitution of PROJECT_XXX not done
FIX: TakePOS no invoice validation control and good payment translate
FIX: the access of the bank account of one user
FIX: top menu right padding
FIX: Update of leave request when CSRF with token is on
FIX: Var not enough sanitized
FIX: wrong test
FIX: Payment from POS ware not recorded.
FIX: Can validate invoice with amount including tax of zero for the case of having a final invoice with
VAT that includes a deposit without vat.